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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Mad Hatter

The last couple of days I have been working on a "Mad Hatter" design. Also known as a topsy-turvy cake! I have an order for one this coming weekend so I figured I better practice! It definitely is an interesting cake design. So far it has taken A LOT of cake batter!

I read up on a tutorial on how to accomplish the cake. Unfortunately it wasn't so easy or rather it was just a bit more work for me. I didn't have the right cake pan sizes that were suggested, so I had to wing it & get creative with a knife! 

Bottom layer (Not too bad. Had mostly hard outsides to work with so it frosted up nicely.)

Top layer (looks horrible right now due to having to cut the cakes and not having a harder outside edge to work with)
 Let's just say, I need proper sizing for pans so that the cake will frost up easier! This is just a mess right now. I am hoping that it sitting in the fridge will make it easier to dirty ice then I can put it back in to harden for final icing!

I don't know how I managed it but somehow I salvaged it. This cake will definitely do better with fondant on it, but I wasn't going to tackle that today!

My top definitely needed to be a bit taller and the bottom a bit wider, but not too bad for the first attempt!

Quickly decorated so it wasn't so boring!
Top of the cake!

And the best part of making a cake!


Well besides the actual cake if you are the one getting to eat it!

All in all I think I would give myself around the 65% range on this cake. Of course I am also my hardest critique!

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