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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tough guy or do the amber help?

Last Friday our 18 month old, RC, fell at the mall and broke his front two teeth. After it happened, he cried, but mostly because daddy was holding him. He wanted to go play regardless of the blood in his mouth. Just to be sure he didn't do too much damage, we took him to a pediatric dentist that squeezed us in at the end of the day. I'm sure we paid more for that!

The verdict is two fracture top front teeth that are estimated to cost around $500 to fix. Not as high as I was really expecting, but still high enough! By the way I think I cursed myself for not having looked into family dental care for us!

First trip to the dentist. Not how we were expecting to go but he did great and got to pick a sticker! He chose a cars one because it goes vroom as he said when he chose it!
We were told that for about 3 - 4 days he would need to eat pureed foods and nothing at all like ice cream or slurpees (not that he gets much of that kind of treats anyway). We haven't tried the cold things yet, but it was only about a day after that he was eating solid foods. He said forget the pureed stuff, give me the good stuff!

I am beginning to wonder if his Baltic amber necklace is the reason for the lack of pain he should have had. The dentist said the nerves were not hit, but they would be "bruised" for about 14 days and the first several days would be the toughest.

So super tough little boy or Baltic amber necklace?

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