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Monday, October 8, 2012

International Babywearing Week

Did you know there was a week set aside to celebrate babywearing? I didn't until this year! Babywearing has become and almost everyday thing with our 18.5 month old. RC is such a go go go type of boy that when I shop, especially if it's by myself, he has to go on my back or he will be trying to climb out of the cart, reach for things in the basket, etc. Needless to say I spend a lot of time telling him NO!

1 month old in Moby Wrap (not my favorite carrier, but it did the trick on his first plane trip!)
With wearing him, it is so much easier to get things accomplished. We can get in and out of the store in no time and he does enjoy riding on my back. We went through a time that I wore him from about 3 months old (that's when I got my first carrier I really liked!) to about 7 months or so old. He then could sit in the cart and I figured why not let him. Then he got to be more mobile, turning around in the cart and starting to cause problems. Up on my back he went!

The Beco Butterfly II we purchased after attending a babywearing class. You can see it still worked for letting him sleep!
It has been great. Besides getting shopping finished without RC grabbing at everything in the cart or on the shelves as we roll by, it has been a great bonding experience. For me, even more of a bonding experience than nursing was! I love getting hugs from RC when he's on my back or the little pats he'll give me.

If he is feeling sick or needs to be really close I can put him on my hip or front in the carrier and give him that comfort while still having my hands free if I need! I do try to only wear when we are out. At home, RC never gets carried like that unless he is feeling sick, needs me close and I have to get dinner made!

Hiking using our Beco Butterfly II.
I will be wearing my boy until he has outgrown his carrier. Whenever the day comes we have number 2...I will be wearing that one from day one!

My most favorite carrier has been our Beco Gemini! That is hands down my go to carrier.

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